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Stop over paying for outdated telephone systems.

Saving Schools an Average of 60% with our Telephone Systems

As we gear up for the big telecom switch to VOIP by 2025, we're not just about saving you up to 60% on your phone bills – we're here to ensure the transition is seamless, fun, and enlightening for your school!

Cost-Cutting Can Be Fun: Our VOIP solutions are not just about tech; they're about enjoying significant savings with a smile.

Stay Ahead: With VOIP on the horizon, let's get your school ready and reveling in the benefits early.

In-House Training: We don't just set you up and say goodbye. Our in-house training programs are designed to empower your staff with VOIP know-how in the most enjoyable way possible.

School Telecom Experts

We have been working with schools around the UK for 10+ years. We understand your needs and are always a step ahead. 

Update To VoIP by 2025

Traditional phone lines are ending in 2025. All phone lines will need to be updated to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). 

Unbeatable UK Support 

Our friendly support is always available around the clock ready to give a helping hand, over the phone, email or in person. 

Get in touch to talk Telephones. 

We are experts on telephone systems for schools. We work with schools throughout London and the UK. 
We provide you with what you really need from a phone system. 

Cost effective. Reliable. Easy to use.

Get in touch with one of our team for a friendly chat and we can see if we can help save you money on your current telephone system. 

Complete School & Business IT Support in and around Essex

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