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ITHelpDirect Ltd are based in Essex, we offer IT support and services across the South East and London. We have over 15 years experience in IT support and thrive in supporting small to large businesses in their IT requirements. 

We provide full service, managed IT support to our clients and our aim is to ensure that our IT infrastructure is running smoothly whilst minimising any downtime and issues.

We are not just a support company you set and forget, we like to give you a personal relationship. Good IT infrastructure is one of the most fundamental elements in modern business, failing to keep on top of it may cripple your organisation or school.

When it comes to business or education - That push from last years technology to the current generation doesn’t just mean faster processing speeds or downloading at ultra fast speeds - it means being one whole massive leap ahead of the competition in terms of what you have to offer, what you can provide for the budget you have and the level that you can customise your IT system to your exact needs.





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We spend time to get to know what your business is, how you operate during initial consultation and throughout your contract with us. If we can think of a way to save you time and money or improve your existing services - you can count on us to let you know and share what we know on how best to implement new technology.

And most importantly, we understand that while your IT system is the massive, extensible tool that is used to manage and operate your business or educational institution, our role as a fully managed service and IT Support provider is to connect every dot to get your IT system up, running and as efficient and healthy as possible and to keep it that way.

We believe that the best way to do that is to incorporate the human element into our IT systems. They have to be easy to use, appropriate training needs to be available and we vet all of our offerings to ensure that they are at a standard or above of reliability in terms of security, performance and a variety of other factors.

Remote Focused 

But on Hand If Needed

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can manage a large amount of the IT support process remotely. From our main offices in Southend and Leigh-On-Sea we can oversee and provide support for organisations all over the world - although we do primarily focus on the UK.

We always do an assessment on remote possibilities - both benefits and potential issues - for each client so we can understand how much of the IT Support process needs to be done on location or remote. Our goal is to find you the best possible solution for your budget, needs and individual situation.

If you are interested in our help with your IT system and you have a pre-existing system, you can get our free IT inventory Health Check to see how well your system performs for your needs.

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