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When was the last time your system was checked?

Get a full network inventory using our agent to identify issues such as security patches, updates, CPU issues, and firmware problems.

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Yes, my IT inventory is as healthy as can be!

Fantastic! Having a healthy IT system is the number one way to protect yourself against unexpected costs and catastrophes that can disrupt your businesses processes.

Nobody is immune to the problems that can come along with having an IT system. But making sure your system is in the best health possible is a vaccine towards a large variety of issues.

Even large organizations frequently fall short of keeping their systems healthy. In 2017, the NHS was hit with the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware and it ended up costing them millions to repair due to the poor health of their IT system.

We at ITHelpDirect are experts in keeping IT Systems running at peak performance and keeping protections in place to ensure that if anything does happen - we can fix it quickly and affordably - and you as the customer are not stuck with figuring out a mess from scratch and building up a massive bill to go along with it.

Even though you believe you have a healthy IT system now - why not take advantage of our entirely free IT Health check to double check you have all the bases covered? There’s no cost to you and no obligation to work with us afterwards. We will highlight any potential issues and provide a free consultation to go over the report and explain every aspect of it.

Insure Your Businesses Continued Smooth IT Operation

Like any complex system - IT Systems are never 100% safe or healthy, but with our free IT Health check service you can understand what your risks are and how to guard against them.
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Nope! It's an absolute mess

Do not worry, IT Help Direct has extensive experience in mending, patching and improving IT systems of all sizes and shapes.

No matter what you use your IT system for - we can ensure that it is operating smoothly and it is regularly checked for vulnerabilities that may cause issues down the line.

The easiest way to get your IT system back up and running is to understand exactly where it is right now. Fortunately for you - we are offering a completely free full IT system health check.

This procedure will take a look at every aspect of your IT infrastructure and highlight any potential issues. At that point, we can explain the report and help you understand any issues you might be facing. Then, you are free to fix these issues yourself or hand over the work to us with a comprehensive managed IT support solution.

Gain An In-depth Understanding And Control of Your IT System

Let us help you decrease down time, fight back against malware and cyber security threats and create an IT system that just works.
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